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My mom has received countless emails asking if she Aquiles Dog Jewelry is available locally.

People do like to purchase on-line, but they much prefer looking at the product.  My mom has told me, once again, to be a good boy and tell everyone where to find Aquiles dog jewelry.


To start off close to where I stay, in Hout Bay, Tip top groomers, Horse Riding Centre and Holistic Vet in Deep River, main road, have stock of my finest dog jewelry. My mom also has agents who distribute my dog jewelry.

The stock includes the best gem stones, made from stainless steel. 

They are beautiful to look at, and even better to wear.   A variety of gem stones are available, including Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Howlite and Hematite dog jewelry pendants  in the Aquiles dog jewelry range. 

The dog jewelry pendants have large clasps and small clasps, which will suit or fit the collar size. Some dog owners prefer using small clasps, as they attach the dog jewelry pendants to the dog tags. 

It really depends on the owner, and what is best suited for their pet.

Aquiles dog jewelry pendants have charms with Dachshund, Bulldog, rabbit and horses.  My mom looks for other charms to add such as pot-bellied pig, and other dog breeds. 


The selection of Aquiles dog jewelry comes without a charm, you can choose a plain Amethyst dog jewelry pendant, or any other stone you prefer.  If you are looking for a specific charm, perhaps with your favourite pet, then let my mom know!


She has received personal requests, and the most popular is charms with small dogs, such as Maltese and Yorkshire Terriers, but Golden Retrievers and Labradors are also common.

I’ve been telling my mom, that I want my own charm with Staffordshire Terrier, or perhaps my gorgeous face as a charm! I wonder why she has not made me one yet? Not very happy about that, actually!


But I must say the plain dog jewelry is awesome! It is trendy, stylish, upmarket, and it is made with love!

What can I say; I am charming, good looking, not to mention demanding! But one thing is for sure, I am loved! And so are my siblings Leo and Rose.

My dog jewelry range started purely because of me, and yes I love being the centre of attention!


I love my dog jewelry; it is the perfect gift for any pet out there!

Well, I am off for my fourth walk today! Yes, I know what I want, when I want it! Who says I am demanding?!