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I am Aquiles and I love wearing dog jewelry; my siblings Rose and Leo also wear my dog jewelry.  Aquiles dog jewelry is designed to protect pets around the world, and to wear as beautiful jewelry.


Aquiles dog jewelry is also designed for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot-bellied pigs! The jewelry is made from stainless steel, and the best gem stones for your pets.


My siblings and I wear out dog jewelry on our collars, the horses wear theirs on their bridle or saddle;  cats, rabbits and pot-bellied pigs wear their dog jewelry on their collars too.


Aquiles dog jewelry is made of the finest, best quality gem stones. Dog jewelry is practical and beautiful to wear; the added benefit is that they have unique and special properties.


I love wearing my dog jewelry, mostly because of the way it makes me feel, protected and loved. But I love the attention I receive from it as well.


We have received so many compliments, and we love it!


Rose and Leo are my siblings, and they both received the perfect gift from my mom. Leo wears Aquiles Dog Jewelry Green Aventurine Pendant, and Rose wears Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz Pendant.


I have seen dogs with winter coats on, maybe my mom should get me one too! They look so snug and warm.  But, you know, I am a Staffordshire Terrier and I am a tough boy, but I do love luxury.


Talking about luxury, Aquiles dog jewelry is handmade in South Africa, and it is exclusive dog jewelry made from gem stones. So it is the perfect gift for your pet, to add extra class and glamour to a well groomed pet!


My friends love wearing their jewelry, and when I ask them why they all say because it makes them feel and look great! Wow, how perfect is that! Well, Leo, Rose and I agree.


Horses are such elegant and graceful creatures; they look stunning in Aquiles Dog Jewelry!


My mom has placed Aquiles dog jewelry in local stores such as Horse Riding Centre in Hout Bay, Tip Top dog and cat groomers in Hout Bay and Holistic Vet on main road Deep River.


Well it’s that time of day again, and my dad is going to take us out for a walk.  Raining, sun or storming I want my walk! Fresh air is good for me! I wear my dog jewelry every day and I wear it with pride! Boy, am I lucky!