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Dog breed dog jewelry is very popular amongst the rich and famous. Celebrities show off their dogs in designer wear whenever they get a chance.
Pekingese and Ridgeback dog breed dog jewelry are on today’s list. The Pekingese toy breed originated in China and they are also called lion dogs because they resemble the Chinese guardian lions.
Pekingese dog breeds are favoured by Chinese royalty and its dog breed name derives from Peking in Beijing. This pom dog breed is considered a companion dog and a lap dog.
Pekingese with Green Aventurine crystal and dog tag dog jewelry
Pekingese with Green Aventurine crystal and dog tag
Rhodesian Ridgeback originated in South Africa and it too is refered to as lion dog, in this case African lion dog. This courageous lion breed was used to hunt lions.
Now that was back in the day where trophy hunting was allowed. Lions are very special and there are few of them left in the wild and they are protected, to some degree, from poachers.
The dog breed name Ridgeback refers to the ‘ridge’ of hair along the spine. These intelligent dog breeds are truly magnificent in every way.
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Dario from Dario’s Cafe in Hout Bay has 2 Ridgebacks, Grappa and Savanna. Angie is a Personal Trainer at my dad’s gym, Body Solid Personal Training, Pilates and Biokinetics Studio, and she also has a Ridgeback dog breed named Tosca.
Grappa and Savanna
Grappa and Savanna
Tosca and Diesel
Tosca and Diesel
You see they might be able to hunt lions but I can take a lion out with my strong Staffordshire Terrier jaw. Sorry guys, you know it’s true.
Lions represent courage, strength and loyalty and so do I.
Well that’s all for now dog jewelry fans.