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There are so many wonderful dog breeds out there, on today’s list we have the Min-Pin which is actually a Miniature Pinscher.
This special dog breed originated in Germany and it is known as the king of the toy breeds.
They are alert and fearless; fearless just like me!
Another dog breed on our list today is the Newfoundland which is a working dog;
they can be used in water rescue as they are excellent swimmers.
This noble dog breed is large, muscular and it has a double thick coat.
I haven’t met a Newfoundland yet but my mom had the privilege to meet Valentine, Bora and Patchy.
Valentine was a beautiful black dog with an amazing heart, Bora was her partner and Patchy was their son.
They’re in doggy heaven now but my mom really had a very soft spot for all of them.
They are intelligent, wise and protective dogs and she misses them. 
The last dog breed on our list today is the Old English Sheepdog which is a herding dog breed.
They are social, intelligent and adaptable; herding is their job therefore they are great farm dogs.
Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog
You can see that each dog breed is very unique and each has its own gift to share with people. That’s why we’re loved and we’re man’s best friend.
Dog breed dog jewelry is popular and I love wearing my Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog jewelry.
Good night dog jewelry fans.