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So here I am after a 7 hour drive from Cape Town, finally.  The smell of the ocean, the soft sand on my paws and the cool, refreshing water.  Oh, paradise! Talk about a dog’s life! Aquiles Dog Jewelry has made this trip an exceptional one, wearing my Turquoise Pendant is definitely an eye catcher for the female dogs on the beach!

Where to begin, well firstly our holiday destination is totally recommended, our accommodation is suitable to accommodate my canine needs. So off to the beach I go, my dad is so cool; he takes out his board and paddles out into the ocean.  I’m not sure why he leaves me behind.  I so desperately want to join him. But I suppose chilling on the beach is just as pleasant.  If it gets too hot I do dip my paws into the ocean.  I enjoy swimming and I don’t have to worry about my Dog Jewelry as it is hardy and waterproof!

My siblings Leo and Rose enjoy the beach too; they socialise with other dogs but I often have better things to do.  Leo is a true socialite he charms the female dogs on the beach with his Green Aventurine Dog Jewelry.  He’s true canine!

Well Rose is quite vocal; she finds it necessary to announce every person that walks past us. Sometimes I just need to show her whose boss and I give her ‘the look’! It works.  As they are younger they know whose top dog around here. Rose’s Dog Jewelry of choice is Rose Quartz; it suits her!

I am rather popular; when we’re on the beach I always have fellow hounds following me around.  My favourite time is spent with my dad; I find a super stick to play with and he tugs and pulls until I get it.  Then I run off with it and I make him chase me.  Leo gets very excited and he often wants to join in on the fun! Rose is on the side line, she plays the ref as she is sooo vocal!

I sleep like a pup; the fresh air really takes it out of me.  After supper I’m on the couch with my dad.  Wow, what a day! I sleep with my Dog Jewelry on; I find my Turquoise Pendant extremely calming.  So bed time it is! Good night folks!

Love Aquiles