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Carnelian Dog Jewelry Pendant


The Aquiles Dog Jewelry “Dog Jewelry Carnelian Pendant”:


Carnelian stone is excellent for shy and timid pets. It increases their confidence and promotes a sense of courage. The powerful healing properties of Carnelian include the prevention of blood diseases, skin ailments and nose bleeds.  Carnelian can be used as a general health rejuvenator.


Carnelian is a red form of chalcedony and it was worn by Egyptians to still anger, jealousy, envy and hatred. Carnelian is an ancient stone used to remedy nerves and anxiety and it is highly beneficial to pets that need a boost in confidence. It also promotes peace and harmony.


Carnelian gemstone can be referred to as cornelian which is found primarily in India and various sites in South America. The colours of Carnelian are a deep red to red-orange hue. Historically Carnelian was considered property of the noble class. Beings of a high social status were often buried with Carnelian gemstone.


Pets can benefit from Carnelian to boost their energy and confidence.


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