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Black Obsidian Dog Jewelry Pendant

Aquiles Dog Jewelry Pet Jewelry Black Obsidian PendantThe Aquiles Pet Jewelry ‚ÄúDog Jewelry Black Obsidian Pendant‚ÄĚ:

Dog Jewelry Black Obsidian is lava that cooled so quickly that the minerals contained within did not have time to form.  It is therefore naturally occurring glass.

Obsidian’s powers include Protection, Grounding, Peace and Divination.  It is a centering and grounding stone.  It prevents psychic attack and destroys negative spiritual influences.  It relieves tension and grounds to soul to the physical plain and eliminates energy blockages.

Black Obsidian Dog Jewelry Pendant is beneficial if your pet has been exposed to stressful and aggressive circumstances which has made your pet feel untrusting of humans then Aquiles Dog Jewelry Black Obsidian pendent is for your beloved pet.

Black Obsidian Dog Jewelry Pendant is powerful and effective charm will have a grounding and peaceful effect on your pet.  This stone forms a protective shield against negativity of all kinds.

Black Obsidian is a distinctive stone. Although its most common color is black, obsidian can also be found in light brown, brown mottled with black, and black with a beautiful golden or silvery sheen. Snowflake Obsidian is dotted with white patches where parts of the rock have begun to crystallize. The most prized obsidian by gemologists is the Rainbow Obsidian has a variety with purple, green and gold bands of sheen.Obsidian was valued by ancient cultures.  Prehistorically Obsidian was used for making tools, masks, weapons, mirrors and jewelry. Black Obsidian Pendant in the Aquiles Dog Jewelry symbolizes self control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies and grounding.

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