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Wow! This is the best time of the day; my dad takes us up to the mountain every morning. We absolutely love it! We always wear our Aquiles Dog Jewelry charms even when we’re playing on the dunes!


I wear my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise, Rose wears Rose Quartz dog jewelry and Leo has Green Aventurine dog jewelry!


We love our walk, our dad is the best! He takes us right to the top of the dunes and he throws my stick! Of course I am top dog and the little ones know it!


Leo and Rose play with each other and they chase each other up the dunes! Rose is faster than Leo and she pins him down very quickly! Leo takes lead every now and again but Rose still gets him.


Dad surfs so he checks out the waves from the dunes; but it doesn’t interest me I just want him to throw the stick! Come on dad!


We enjoy our walk and it doesn’t bother me if it rains or if it’s windy! I love walking and playing with my siblings. Dad is my best playmate; he is so much fun!


Our dog jewelry stays on all of the time; Rose and Leo play around and tug and pull each other but they know not to pull on their Aquiles Dog Jewelry charms! They know better, mom has taught us well.


One day I will have my own island and I will name it Aquiles Isle! I love the ocean and I enjoy swimming, when I was a young pup I was afraid of the water but now that I am a big boy I swim whenever I can.


Dad throws my stick on the beach and I chase after it; I don’t like letting go so he has to get it back from me. But I am blessed with a super strong jaw, sorry dad not this time!


Well I cannot wait to see more dogs up on the dunes with Aquiles Dog Jewelry. I know that I am protected from harm and I feel really good when I have my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant!


Leo and Rose are great friends! They love the beach just as much as I do. We play together and at times some fellow hounds join us. We enjoy their company but I reckon they need to wear Aquiles Dog Jewelry to stand out in the pack!