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Yeah, dad’s gym! Love it, my dad is the coolest hound in the block! He takes me to his gym and I can tell you I work my body hard! Who knew lying on the matt with cool air blowing in my face could be so strenuous!



Well dad loves training! He is really fit; I must be honest lifting heavy weights over and over again does not seem that interesting but different strokes for different canines I suppose. My daily workout consists of running up the dunes with my pack. I love it!





My dad started Body Solid Personal Training Studio ten years ago. I wasn’t even born yet that’s how old the gym is! Wow. I was a mere little pup when dad started training his clients. He has managed to build a loyal client base within a niche market. My dad is the top dog in his industry! Yeah!



Dad has moved his gym to new premises in Hout Bay with more space. Not only does he offer personal training he also offers Pilates and Biokinetics. Angie Muller is a personal trainer but she’s also a massage therapist. I’m still waiting for my massage, better give Angie a call. With all the stress in my life a good massage will do me good!



Joe Dorrington is my dad’s new business partner; he wishes he looked as good as me. I suppose that’s the reason he pokes fun at me! Sorry Joe, it must be tough not being as strong and fit as me! Mom says he’s a bit of a fairy, not sure what that means though.



Well, I know my dad loves what he does! I love being my dad’s hard working training partner. Cool, sometimes the little ones, Rose and Leo, come along as well. They love it too!


Thanks dad, we love your gym! Dad loves Aquiles Dog Jewelry too, thanks dad!