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Well if I can say something about this title it’s more like my mom takes me to Dario’s Café and makes me spend most of my day there! Well I’m not complaining I’m just putting the facts straight.


My mom loves coffee as a matter of fact going to Dario’s Café is the highlight of her day! Yes, it is rather sad but I don’t mind as long as I can take a long walk and enjoy the various smells on route then I have no objections!


Dario’s Café is owned by Dario and Rossella and they opened their popular café in 2007.  Their speciality includes their homemade Piadina and of course their delicious Cappuccinos!  


Most of their clients, including my mom, visit Dario’s Café 2 to 3 times a day! Yes a day! Yes, clearly they are doing something right!


Dario’s Café is dog friendly that’s why I can spend quality time with my mom and dad.  They enjoy the warm, welcoming, homely atmosphere! I love it too!



Dario and Rossella have two Ridgeback dogs, Grappa and Savanna.  I have yet to meet them but I hear so many stories about their walks on Chapman’s peak and how much they enjoy spending time on the mountain!  Say no more, my dad takes my siblings and me to the mountain every morning and boy do I love it! So I know exactly what Grappa and Savanna are saying.  We hounds know about a good, quality life.  It truly is a dog’s life!



My mom and dad have formed a friendship with Dario and Rossella over the years and they enjoy their company.  Many locals are drawn to Dario’s Café because of Dario and Rossella’s hospitality and they always go back!

Dario and Rossella also love Aquiles Dog Jewelry and they make most of the unique, handmade and gorgeous pendants! Thanks for supporting my business as much as my pack supports yours!