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Boy oh boy do I love it when dad comes home from work in the morning. Then I know it is time for the great walk up the mountain! Rose jumps into the front and sits on dad’s lap while Leo sits in the front passenger seat and I’m at the back! My mom tells my dad that it’s not safe to have the little ones in the front but dad knows what he’s doing! He looks after us hounds!


Anyway, so the walk starts and up I go with my siblings Leo and Rose. So many interesting smells; I know exactly who has been on this path!



I love playing with sticks and dad throws the sticks down the dunes and I charge after it!



Rose and Leo chase each other up and down the dunes; they love it! The view is absolutely spectacular; you can see Hout Bay beach on one side and Llandudno beach on the other. We are truly blessed to live in such an awesome spot; Hout Bay is a great place for canines!



We love wearing our dog jewelry and I always wear my Turquoise pendant. My mom made Leo a new pendant; he has a combination of Amethyst, Carnelian and Green Aventurine. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Rose loves her Rose quartz pendant and she wears it all the time. My mom makes sure that the pendants are hardy that’s why she uses stainless steel material. She knows how playful we are! Thanks mom for considering us wild pets!


We charge up and down the dunes and dad is so cool! He doesn’t miss out a day; even when it’s raining he takes us up the mountain. He is such a dedicated pack leader!



Well, after my long walk I generally like to have a nap when I get home. Boy can I sleep the entire day!



Well, stay tuned for another exciting day with my pack!