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Oh, time flies when you’re having fun! Well Leo, Rose and I are so happy that we had such a great dog holiday!


We’ve run on the beach, played, made friends and relaxed. Today we ran on the beach and then chilled in the garden.



Mom and dad took us out for coffee or should I say a bowl of water! Then they had a look at the surf stores. We came across so many interesting shops such as Billabong, Roxy, Quicksilver and Rip Curl. Dad went on a shopping spree and bought t-shirts, pants, shorts and shoes. Mom bought a few things for herself as well.


We’re so grateful to spend time with our mom and dad. Afterwards we took a long stroll on the beach and Leo found another Aquiles Dog Jewelry fan. He really knows how to spot them!



Well you can guess what Leo, Rose and I am doing, chilling out with dad while he watches rugby!





Our trip is over but there is always something exciting going on with Aquiles Dog Jewelry, so stay tuned fans!