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What can I say I am such a lucky boy! Oh, can you believe it I am back in my favourite holiday place Jeffrey’s bay! My siblings and I love it!



Rose and Leo are having such a great time; we’re running on the beach, chasing sticks, barking and playing around. I love swimming in the ocean so I take the occasional dip to cool off!


Today we were running up and down the beach, dad surfs so I always want to run into the ocean with him. But I am not allowed to so I sit on the beach with Rose, Leo and my mom. We love relaxing and watching dad surf. Today he surfed three times! Wow, what can I say my dad is ultra-fit!



Well, my mom finds it rather amusing to watch us when dad runs off for a surf. We want to go with him so we try and call out to him. My mom has a good laugh, well instead of laughing at us she should take us out to see dad!


After a long day of watching dad surf, chilling on the beach with my Aquiles dog jewelry fans I am finally relaxing. Rose and Leo are so happy to be in Jeffrey’s bay.


We’re wearing our Swiss collars that my mom’s aunt sent down from Switzerland and we have our dog jewelry on! We wear it whenever and wherever we go! I wear Turquoise with my beautiful feather, Rose wears her Rose Quartz dog jewelry and Leo has a stunning combination of Amethyst, Carnelian and Green Aventurine dog jewelry.


Anyway fans, time out I am absolutely shattered! I will keep you posted on my fun holiday in Jeffrey’s Bay with my Aquiles Dog Jewelry fans!