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One of the first jewelry pieces my mom made for me was Tiger’s eye.  What a beautiful stone; the colours are majestic, brown, yellow with a touch of black.


It is a wonderful stone and its properties include protection, healing and strength.

The understanding of the properties of gem stones is ambiguous. But in most cases, in my case for example, the understanding of the power of gem stones comes from wearing them.


Aquiles Dog jewelry pendants are designed with the pure intention to heal and protect pets around the world.

Gem stones are beautiful to wear, and if you want to understand the influence it has on your pet, then let your pet wear one.


You can use it as a gorgeous piece of jewelry; your pet will benefit from wearing Aquiles Dog Jewelry Tiger’s Eye Pendant.


The pendants are designed for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot-bellied pigs! They are practical, and they are made from stainless steel.


Pets love to play, swim and run around, therefore, Aquiles Dog Jewelry is designed to do exactly what pets want to do.


My mom always says that my jewelry is not a toy, so I should wear it with pride and treat it with respect.  The little ones, Leo and Rose, love wearing their pendants.


We wear our pendants every day, and we love them so much, they are beautiful and practical.


Our friends wear Aquiles Dog Jewelry, and boy do they look good!


Pet accessories, and dog jewelry are trendy and functional. My mom and dad want the best for us, and they like to treat us to special gifts.


To me and my siblings, Aquiles Dog Jewelry is the perfect gift to give your pet! You can give them a gift on their birthday, or if they won a competition, or for just being the best pet in the world!



Pets love attention and they love being loved and adored.  I speak for myself of course, I love attention, all of my dad’s and mom’s attention!


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Tiger’s Eye is a beautiful gift to give your pet.


My mom distributed gem stones to the Horse Riding Centre in Hout Bay, Tip Top dog and cat groomers in Hout Bay, and Holistic Vet on main road Deep River.

A selection of my finest dog jewelry is available to all pet lovers and pets out there!


Today, it is raining and you know what I love to do the most, yes, you guessed it, sleep!