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Well, my mom is very serious today. All she is talking about is what I want to achieve with my dog jewelry products. All I have to say is that I am a very laid back, chilled dog, and I really don’t know.




But that was not good enough for my mom. So, she gave me some time to think about it. I came up with a few ideas, some involved living on a beach near the ocean! I love the ocean; swimming and playing with my sticks are my favourite activities!


So, maybe I want my own island, where I decide who is allowed on the beach with me. Sometimes, dogs can be vicious, so I will screen them before they touch down on my island!


I also thought that I would need to get around, so I suppose my own yacht would be ideal! Well, of course once I started on my own island, I thought it would be cool to fly around in my own jet, as well. I really dislike driving long distances in a car; it takes forever to get around!


When I mentioned this to my mom; she was rather surprised, but I was somewhat influenced by my dad. You see, he loves surfing, so he came up with surfing un-crowded spots. He suggested that maybe if he had his own island, then he would not have to worry. That’s when I came up with not having to worry about dogs that misbehave! I like the idea!




Well, of course my mom went on about, how I want to help other dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot-bellied pigs. I looked at her, and I asked her why I would want to do that! She was not impressed. I had to remind her that I am a simple being; I love to play, sleep, eat and run on the dunes! What do I care about what other pets do!


After that, she put me outside for a few minutes, and told me to adjust my attitude. And not be so selfish; I think I must have learned that from dad!




Anyway, so I said that I would not mind helping other animals, and mom can use my name. But I want my perks! It’s a good thing dad came home when he did, otherwise I would have been in the dog box again!

Well, finally she said that I was a good boy, and that helping other pets would make me feel better. Well, I am not so sure about that, I feel good all the time. But, I understand what my mom is saying. Not every pet is as lucky as I am!


It’s a beautiful day in Cape Town, South Africa, which means beach time for me!!