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My siblings Rose and Leo are great fun! We’re always together, going for walks, every morning our dad takes us to the sand dunes in Hout Bay, Cape Town.


We absolutely love it!Rose is a beautiful dog; she wears Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz which makes her even more attractive! Rose Quartz Pendant is the stone of Universal Love. It gives Inner Peace and helps in matters pertaining to Love.Choose Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz charm for its Loving, Caring and Protective properties. Its magical qualities also include Peace and Happiness in established relationships. Rose Quartz Dog Jewelry healing properties promote good health for your pets Adrenal Glands, Heart, Blood, Circulation, Kidneys and Spleen.  Choose Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz for a Lifetime of Pure, Unconditional Love.


Enough said, I’m sold! My mom keeps a collection of our favourite gem stones.  She is always asking me to try on different stones, but I tell that I am happy with Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise!


Rose is the same she will not change her Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz Pendant.  She loves it!My mom can’t argue with that at least she knows that we look after our Aquiles Dog Jewelry. We appreciate the protection and love it gives us!She is constantly showing me a collection of her own Jewelry; well let’s just say that she has a true passion for what she does.  I am very proud to be part of it! Thanks mom!Rose also says that she loves Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz and she wears it with pride! Good girl Rose! She admits that she also enjoys showing off and she doesn’t take hers off. It’s become part of who she is!


Now that’s beautiful!So other than absolutely loving my Dog Jewelry range; I also love chilling out!