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Who says that dogs cannot get along with other animals, like rabbits, for example?


Well, I have some news for you. When I created my dog jewelry range, I thought of rabbits, and that they too should have pet accessories.



My mom was telling me that people keep rabbits as pets; I always thought they keep them as livestock! Well, what can I say? We are all here to learn.



Today, I will share with you my beautiful dog jewelry pendants with rabbit charms.


I have designed them especially for rabbits.

The size of the clasps is small to fit their small collars;


I am not such a simple dog after all! I think of everything!


Aquiles dog jewelry includes Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Howlite, Hematite, Tiger’s Eye and Green Aventurine.



The dog jewelry collection has a rabbit charm attached, especially made for rabbit lovers!


Here, are some of the fine dog jewelry pendants with rabbit charms, let us start off with Amethyst dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm.


It is a beautiful purple stone with magical properties, including protection and love.


Amethyst is a stunning stone to wear, and it will suit your rabbit!



Rose Quartz is a beautiful, pink stone; my range at present includes a round shape Rose Quartz.


It is gorgeous, and it will suit rabbits beautifully.


Rose Quartz dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm is considered the stone of love, and some of its properties include love and healing.


This is Rose’s favourite stone.




Carnelian is a wonderful orange stone filled with magical properties, to help your rabbit focus. Carnelian dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm will enhance the beauty of your pet rabbit.



This beautiful white gem stone is Howlite dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm. Howlite is an overall protective stone; its magical properties will add charm to your pet rabbit.



Hematite dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm is a stunning, contemporary style charm for your pet rabbit to wear. Hematite is a magical stone, and it is also very grounding and protective.


Tiger’s Eye dog jewelry pendant with rabbit charm is an exquisite gem stone; it also has magical properties. It is one of the most protective and healing stones for your pet rabbit.


Aquiles dog jewelry Green Aventurine pendant with rabbit charm is a calming and delightful gem stone. Green Aventurine is Leo’s favourite stone, and it will suit your pet rabbit too!


Well, now that you have seen my fine dog jewelry collection with rabbit charms; I must leave to go on yet another walk! I think I might be upsetting my mom, because I love going out! Of course, she has to take me! She is not particularly thrilled. But, you know, every dog has his day!