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Well, I can only tell you how much Leo loves cats!



Oh, yes, he loves to chase them. Rose is just as cheeky, when it comes to cats. 


The one day, she chased after a cat, and she almost got it. 


My dad took her inside and gave her little talk; she is not allowed to chase cats!


My theory is that all pets should wear dog jewelry, and that includes cats.


They are graceful and beautiful; I must say I have had to discipline myself not to chase cats, in order to teach my siblings.

It’s been tough, but I can tell you; I’m a courageous dog.



So now, I do not chase cats anymore.   I need to show the cats that I approve of them; therefore, I have included them in my dog jewelry range, because it will suit them.


My dog range for cats is as follows, Amethyst, Carnelian, Howlite, Hematite, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz.


Your pet cat will love Aquiles dog jewelry Amethyst pendant for cats. 


It is a striking stone, purple and regal! My mom loves Amethyst; it is her favourite stone.


Amethyst is magical, and your pet cat will look perfect wearing Aquiles dog jewelry Amethyst pendant with cat charm.



Aquiles dog jewelry Carnelian pendant with cat charm is ideal for your cat; its magical properties are divine; Carnelian dog jewelry pendant with cat charm is a stunning orange stone for your pet cat.





Aquiles dog jewelry Howlite pendant with cat charm is a beautiful white stone packed with magical properties; it is ideal for your glamour pussycat!


Aquiles dog jewelry Hematite pendant with cat charm is a charming gem stone, and it too is magical and super attractive for your pet cat!


Aquiles dog jewelry Tiger’s Eye pendant with cat charm is a stunning stone; its colours are a combination of yellow, brown and black!


It is such a magical stone for your pet cat to show off around the neighbourhood.


Aquiles dog jewelry  Green Aventurine pendant with cat charm is a calming, magical gem stone. 


It is faceted and beautiful for your pet cat.


Green Aventurine is Leo’s favourite stone; according to him, it was the reason he was chasing the cat! He wanted his stone back!


When Leo told my mom his version of chasing the cat, all she did was raise her eyebrow.  I guess she did not buy his story! Better luck next time, Leo!



Aquiles dog jewelry Rose Quartz pendant with cat charm is an exceptionally magical and beautiful stone for your pet cat. 


It is a pink, round stone, which will complement any cat. It is my sibling Rose’s favourite stone. 


I suppose she was trying to tell my mom the same story as Leo, except she was chasing the cat to get her Rose Quartz charm back. 


But, my mom was not interested; she told Rose to be a bit more creative the next time she tries to give her a reason for chasing cats!


Well, I know you will love Aquiles dog jewelry pendants for your cats! I know the cats in my neighbourhood love them!