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My mom is dedicated to helping pets around the world. She always says that she wants pets around the world to wear Aquiles Dog Jewelry because gemstones have powerful healing properties.


I love my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turqouise pendant but I must say that Amethyst Dog Jewelry Pendant is a beautiful gemstone. Every stone has its own qualities and some of Amethyst’s properties include healing, courage, love and protection. Amethyst Dog Jewelry Pendant is beneficial to hearing, bacterial and viral infections. Amethyst is known to heal Cancer, Arthritis and it is good for detoxing and blood cleansing.


My mom always wears gemstones her favourite stone is Amethyst and she wears her necklace every day. She often tells me that she feels protected by gem stones and their powerful properties.


My mom tells me that the reason I feel healthy and protected when I wear my dog jewelry is because of the frequency or energy the gemstone vibrates and because of our energetic body the gemstone raises our body’s energetic vibration. People have studied gemstones and their healing properties and they have found out that gemstones are unique and very powerful. Gemstones have been used for centuries as jewelry and for good luck and protection. All I know is that I feel great when I wear my Turquoise dog jewelry pendant!


Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and pot bellied pigs can benefit from using Amethyst Dog Jewelry Pendant. It is not only beautiful to wear but it has protective qualities as well. Look at this Aquiles Dog Jewelry Amethyst Pendant for horses. Amethyst charms for horses can be worn on the saddle or bridal; gem stones are beautiful to wear and they are good for pets.



I can only say that since I’ve been wearing my Turquoise dog jewelry I feel happier and I look great! I’ve learnt one thing that moms are always right; my mom told me that she wants to protect me whenever and wherever I go and she does by giving me the perfect gift, my own Turquoise dog jewelry! She has good intentions and she not only wants to help and protect me, Rose and Leo but all of the pets around the world!


Choose Aquiles Dog Jewelry for the Love of Your Pets! I know I love my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant; I wear it wherever I go and even when I swim in the ocean, it truly is a dog’s life!