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Hi to all of my Aquiles Dog Jewelry fans. All I have to say is that my siblings and I love our time in Jeffrey’s bay.


Today I spent time chewing and chasing a stick and then I decided to roll around on the grass a bit. Ah, that feels so good! I enjoy kicking my legs in the air and then rolling to the side again. It’s a great massage!



Rose and Leo were relaxing today and they had a dog of a time chasing each other around the garden. Mom was relaxing and reading her book while dad surfed. He loves surfing in Jeffrey’s Bay; he can surf 2 to 3 times a day! Wow, my dad is really strong and fit!


Well, we also went for coffee with mom and dad; it’s great fun going out and meeting Aquiles Dog Jewelry fans!


We’re relaxing on the bed with dad. We are completely tired! We love showing off our Aquiles Dog Jewelry to our fans and they can’t wait to try on their cool dog jewelry.



Anyway fans I am dog tired and I just need to sleep! Until tomorrow!