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My dad takes us up to the dunes every day, and my siblings Leo and Rose love it.  Often, we come across these huge creatures, I think their called horses, but I’m not afraid.  You should see Leo; he thinks he can charge after the horse!  Dad is never impressed when he does that! He reminds him, and says that if that horse decides to kick him, it will be game over.  But, you know Leo, he has some Scottish Terrier blood in him.  According to him, he is way bigger than the horse!


Not me, I’m wise, I listen to my dad, as a matter of fact I have no choice, because he grabs me and puts me on my lead.  But that’s what dads do.  He loves me, and, therefore, he wants to protect me.


My mom has distributed Aquiles Dog Jewelry to the Horse Riding Centre in Hout Bay. 


This Aquiles Dog Jewelry Pendant is called Howlite.  Its properties include protection and it is a calming stone.  Some horses are nervous, and Howlite can calm horses, and help them to focus and concentrate. 


My mom loves the horse collection; I came up with the idea, so, yes she is very pleased with me.  I even chose the horse  charms, you see, I’m not just a good looking staffie; I have good taste too.



Aquiles Dog Jewelry Howlite pendant is also available for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot bellied pigs.  Howlite is a beautiful stone, and as you can see, this Howlite is white.  It has the same properties of calming and soothing stress, but it can fit small pets like small dogs, cats and rabbits.  My friends have Howlite Jewelry, and they absolutely love it! This is the Aquiles Dog Jewelry Howlite Pendant;  I love it!


Well, my dog jewelry collection is perfect!


I love wearing my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant, Rose wears her Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz Pendant.  Leo is brave and strong; he wears Aquiles Dog Jewelry Green Aventurine Pendant.


Well, in case you were wondering, this is what we were doing this afternoon.  Running around the dunes, sniffing and chasing each other. Marking our territory wherever possible; I love being a dog, so much to do, run, play, and sleep.  I love my sleep!

Most importantly, I love being perfect, just the way I am, good looking and charming  with my Perfect Pet Jewelry.