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My dog jewelry horse pendants are perfect to wear! Aquiles dog jewelry is stocked at the Horse Riding Centre in Hout Bay.  The pendants are versatile, functional and beautiful to wear.





I have a wide selection of horse pendants in my Aquiles dog jewelry range.  There are 2 horse charms from which to choose with a variety of gem stones, including Amethyst, Howlite, Rose Quartz and Tiger’s Eye.


The horse charms are made from the best quality gem stone and stainless steel material.  Horses can wear their dog jewelry on their bridle or saddle. 

Aquiles dog jewelry is user-friendly, and its properties include protection and healing. 


Aquiles dog jewelry is the perfect gift for horses, as it adds to their majestic beauty.  The Horse Riding Centre in Hout Bay stocks Aquiles dog jewelry.  Information about the properties of the various stones are found on the tags. 

The dog jewelry is functional to wear, all you do is use the clasp to attach to the bridle or saddle.

Horse lovers enjoy grooming their pets, and placing the best horse gear on them.  Adding pet accessories such as Aquiles dog jewelry is ideal for horses!


Aquiles dog jewelry is developing its brand, and stock is available in select stores, and on-line purchases can be made. 


Aquiles dog jewelry caters for the South African and international market.  Pet accessories are trendy and stylish for pets to wear. 


Upmarket, handmade, practical, and stylish dog jewelry is what Aquiles dog jewelry represents.  It has additional properties and benefits, as dog jewelry is made with gem stones. 


Dog jewelry is available to pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot-bellied pigs!

The website reveals all the various styles, horse pendants are in demand. They are trendy, and functional for horses to wear. 

Aquiles dog jewelry is safe and practical; to me it’s a beautiful stone and it makes me feel good.

If you are unsure of gem stones, and you are not sure if it will suit you, all you have to remember is that gem stones are beautiful and they have magical properties! They also enhance your good qualities. 


Naturally, I am a good looking Staffordshire Terrier, but with my Aquiles dog jewelry Turquoise pendant, I am exceptionally noticeable!


Aquiles dog jewelry is not limited to dogs; my friends wear my dog jewelry, but there are horses, rabbits, cats and pot-bellied pigs that use my dog jewelry. Not to mention, my fellow hound friends, well, I should say dogs!