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I can tell you how much I love to sleep when it rains! I can go out, but I much prefer lying on my couch! Yes, my couch!

I love my dog jewelry, I wear it with pride;  there is a wide selection from which to choose, Amethyst (my mom’s favourite gemstone), Rose Quartz (Rose’s charm), Aventurine (Leo’s charm), Turquoise (mine, don’t touch!) Howlite, Hematite, Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye dog jewelry. My dog jewelry collection!

Hematite dog jewelry pendant is a gorgeous charm; it is glamorous and timeless! Like all the other gemstones; it too has its own healing properties. Hematite brings strength, courage and love to the lucky pet, that wears it! Hematite dog jewelry is great for pets and their owners, as it strengthens the relationship. So, it’s not just a pretty stone! 


Hematite dog jewelry pendant is the perfect gift for your pet; it is a protective and grounding stone.  Hematite is a Greek word, and it means blood stone; it has the ability to protect the wearer from danger and harm. It also provides courage through difficulty, such as mourning a loved one.  Your pet can benefit from wearing Aquiles Dog Jewelry Hematite Pendant; it is a beautiful, powerful and a protective dog jewelry pendant.


Aquiles dog jewelry is suitable for any pet including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot bellied pigs! Yes, you heard it pot bellied pigs!


We’re very lucky because our parents look after us; they take us out every day, and we really enjoy our trip to the dunes with dad in the morning. Mom takes us for a walk in the afternoon; up the road from where we stay there are 2 pot bellied pigs! I thought I smelt something strange! My mom was sitting at a coffee shop and this lady and her pot bellied pigs arrived; apparently my mom got such a fright, when the pig grunted! The lady and her pigs were not impressed. I can tell you neither was I! But, I suppose that’s the reason I’m around; I need to protect my mom…from pigs.. and other dangers of course. 


But this is the main reason behind my Aquiles Dog Jewelry pendant range, every pet in the world should feel safe and protected.  I know I do ,and I really mean it!  Trust me, if I don’t approve of something I will let you know!


Well, it is my favourite time. Yes, you guessed it, time to go to bed or in my case lie on the couch with my blankie and fall asleep! Good night all! You will sleep better with Hematite dog jewelry; it is very calming!