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Well, I have spoken about my siblings Rose and Leo.  They are part of my pack with my mom and dad.  They are 3 years younger than me. I’ll be 6 this year! That makes me the top dog!
Rose and Leo were adopted; their birth mom rejected them after her litter of 8 puppies died.   Leo and Rose were the only 2 surviving ones. A friendly lady rescued them and then my mom and dad adopted them and brought them into our loving home.


We are looked after and very spoilt! Our parents keep on telling us! So that’s the way it should be. I don’t see what the big deal is! Anyway, back to Leo; he is a wonderful boy; he loves playing around and chewing his stick.  He’s like me, very chilled and relaxed! No worries, that’s the way we hounds like it!


Leo and Rose look so different even though they are from the same litter. They have one thing in common though and that is their love for Aquiles Dog Jewelry! Leo wears his Green Aventurine Pendant with pride. Green Aventurine Dog Jewelry Pendant promotes a feeling of Well Being and Peace.


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Green Aventurine Pendant is a magnificent stone; it is used to strengthen Eyesight, to Increase Perception, Stimulate Creativity and Boost Intelligence. Green Aventurine Dog Jewelry Pendant improves performance in competitions and training as it promotes Calm, Increases Perception, enhances Intelligence and Stimulates Creativity.  It also helps to Concentrate and keep Focused.


The green colour aids in calming troubled emotions and accelerating Healing; Aquiles Dog Jewelry Green Aventurine is a Calming and Lucky stone.
When Leo was a pup he was sick, using Green Aventurine Dog Jewelry keeps him strong and on top of his game!


He has never looked back! Showing off his beautiful Dog Jewelry makes it all worth while.


Well, I am truly a very lucky dog indeed! I love my siblings!