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Aquiles dog jewelry is the perfect gift for your pets.  Aquiles dog jewelry pendants are made from quality gem stones. They are manufactured in South Africa with stainless steel material.


 All pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot-bellied pigs can benefit from wearing Aquiles dog jewelry pendants. 

The product is tailor made for people who love their pets; therefore, the slogan is ‘For the Love of Your Pets’.


Aquiles is a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier with the gentlest nature.  He loves attention, and he is accustomed to it! He enjoys playing with his siblings and other dogs. 


Aquiles represents Aquiles dog jewelry, because he is the reason the product was created.  In my opinion, every pet should wear dog jewelry. Gem stones are beautiful, and they are protective, as well. The pet industry is a thriving, and pet accessories are trendy and functional. Pet owners love spending time with their pets, and often they want to treat them with beautiful pet accessories.


Aquiles dog jewelry is designed for pets to use all the time; Aquiles dog jewelry pendants should not be used as a toy.  Even though, they are made from stainless steel; they are only meant to be worn.


Future plans for Aquiles dog jewelry would be to start an Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rescue for abused and neglected pets.  I love animals and their gentle and innocent nature; Aquiles dog jewelry wants to contribute and help pets and animals that need love and care.


I think it is important to contribute to society, especially when they are millions of pets around the world, which need protection and help.


Aquiles dog jewelry still has a long way to go, but starting off with Aquiles dog jewelry pendants is the first step to a successful enterprise. 


People who love pets always try and help other animals; it is unimaginable how some people, in this day and age, treat their pets with disrespect and neglect.  I’ve learnt that it has a lot to do with how you are raised, and how you are taught to treat animals. 


People have a choice to make, and it does not matter with what situation they are presented; they always have a choice to do the right thing.


Aquiles dog jewelry is based on the principle, that all pets should be protected.  The creative idea that sprung to my mind, when Aquiles was attacked by dogs, is that he definitely needs a form of protection and healing.  Gem stones possess properties that influence the energetic field of our subtle bodies; pets and animals can also benefit from using gem stones.


Therefore I find Aquiles dog jewelry represents beautiful, functional and meaningful jewelry for pets to wear, all around the world.  My dogs Aquiles, Rose and Leo wear their dog jewelry pendants every day; they love their dog jewelry!



(Aquiles’ mom)