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All pets around the world deserve love and protection. 


Aquiles dog jewelry is the perfect gift for your pet. 


Dog jewelry is beautiful and magical; every pet including dogs, cats, rabbits and pot-bellied pigs can benefit from wearing Aquiles dog jewelry.



My dog jewelry range consists of fine dog jewelry made from quality gem stones.



It is upmarket, trendy and functional. My siblings Leo, Rose and I love wearing our dog jewelry.



Of course, just because it is called Aquiles dog jewelry does not mean that I am the only one that should wear dog jewelry.



Also, my dog jewelry pendants are made for all pets, not just dogs. 


I spoke about Aquiles dog jewelry for horses the other day, and today I want to tell you about my dog jewelry for Dachshunds. 



My friend Bella is a Dachshund, and she is beautiful!  The dog jewelry with Dachshund charms are beautiful. 


Each of the gem stones has a selection of charms; my dog jewelry range includes Amethyst, Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Howlite, Hematite, Rose Quartz and Tiger’s Eye.


Have a look at my Aquiles Dog Jewelry Dachshund charm pendants.


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Amethyst Dachshund pendant is delightful. The charm is so stunning; Amethyst has healing and protective properties.


Most of all it is an absolutely beautiful pendant for your Dachshund!


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Carnelian Dachshund pendant is gorgeous. Carnelian’s properties include concentration and focus.


 It is especially beautiful to wear and suitable to your Dachshund.


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Green Aventurine Dachshund pendant is a calming stone. 

Your Dachshund would love a tranquil and magical stone.


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Howllite pendant has magical qualities, and it is a beautiful gem stone for your Dachshund to wear.

Aquiles Dog Jewelry Hematite pendant has a stunning shape, it is a magical and powerful stone, but most of all it is stunning for your Dachshund to wear!


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Rose Quartz pendant with a Dachshund charm has loving and caring properties.


It is an elegant stone, and it would be perfect for your female Dachshund to wear.


Aquiles Dog Jewelry Tiger’s Eye pendant with a Dachshund charm is protective and striking.

 It is magical, and it would suit your Dachshund.


Whichever gem stone you select for your Dachshund contains magical properties, but most importantly my dog jewelry is absolutely stunning to wear!


I want pets around the world to enjoy my dog jewelry as much as I do! It truly is the perfect gift for your pet; in this case, your Dachshund will love Aquiles Dog Jewelry pendants with a Dachshund charm!