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Well, all I have to say is that gemstones are beautiful and powerful. My pack wears dog jewelry, and we receive attention and compliments, we love it! There is a variety of Aquiles Dog Jewelry pendants, and Carnelian dog jewelry is a beautiful pendant for all pets!


This is Aquiles Dog Jewelry Carnelian Pendant with a Dachshund; it is classy and elegant just like the Dachshund breed.

I have a friend Bella she used to live in the same area, but she moved. Well I can tell you; she is a beautiful lady! She would look so pretty wearing this pendant! Let me tell you about Carnelian Dog Jewelry Pendant and its properties. Carnelian is an excellent gemstone for pets that need a confidence boost. It calms stressed pets, and it maintains peace and harmony.


Gemstones carry a strong vibration which influences our body in a positive way, so when pets wear gemstones they benefit from the higher vibrations of the stone. As there is a variety of Aquiles Dog Jewelry pendants from which to choose, Carnelian Dog Jewelry is especially good for pets that need confidence and a boost in energy; it is also a protective stone!


Carnelian Dog Jewelry is the perfect gift for your pet! If you’re in doubt, look at how great I look with my Turquoise dog jewelry! I know I know I am a handsome young boy, but my Turquoise pendant keeps me safe and protected. It also attracts most of the young ladies in the neighbourhood!


I go for my daily walks, and I see many dogs in the neighbourhood that would look absolutely stunning in my jewelry. It takes a real male hound to wear dog jewelry. Pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and pot bellied pigs can benefit from wearing Aquiles Dog Jewelry! My siblings Leo and Rose wear their charms every day, and they never take their dog jewelry off! They wear their dog jewelry with pride, and they know that each gemstone is special, just like pets around the world! We are all unique, and we can all do with extra protection and love.


That’s why I highly recommend my dog jewelry; ask for Aquiles Dog Jewelry For the Love of your Pets and you can look and feel as good as I do! Your mom and dad want the best for you, and they will acknowledge that you are divinely protected!