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As I have mentioned before my mom introduced me to Dog Jewelry.  I have never looked back! My stone of choice is Turquoise and my mom mentioned why it’s so good for me to wear. 

Here are some of the reasons:

Aquiles Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant is powerful and it is used for Protection, Courage, Love, Healing, Luck, Friendship and Money.

Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant is my favourite charm.  Wear it for its Special and Powerful properties, I love it!
Dog Jewelry Turquoise Pendant is the best stone for Horses and its riders as it protects against falls.  It ensures guarding against Disease, Serpents, Poison, Violence and Accidents.  It promotes Courage and will guard your pet against any harmful situations.
Healing properties of Turquoise include Neutralizing Over acidity, Alleviating Rheumatism, Gout, Stomach Problems, Viral Infections, Increases Muscular Strength, Alleviates pain and Relaxes Cramps, Contains Anti-inflammatory and Detoxifying effects.
Like they say: ‘Knowledge is Power.’  I am really excited to learn about gem stones and their different properties.  It’s very interesting to experience the feel of different gem stones.  In the Aquiles Dog Jewelry range there is a variety of stones which will suit your needs.

I lead a very relaxed lifestyle.  My needs are basic: a good walk up the mountain, nutritious tasty food, delicious treats on the side, lots of love and attention.   My pack consists of my mom, dad and my younger siblings Rose and Leo.  They love me and they are always concerned about my well being.  It’s great living in a home with so much love.  Thanks to my Dog Jewelry range I can share my joy with the rest of the world!
I enjoy the beach; I love swimming and spending time with my pack! My Dog Jewelry makes an impression on everyone; they think that it makes me look great!
Like they say: ‘It’s a dog’s life!’