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Amethyst Dog Jewelry Pendant


The Aquiles Dog Jewelry “Dog Jewelry Amethyst Pendant”:


Amethyst  is good for overall protection.  It heals the causes of disease and is good for hearing, bacterial and viral infections, cancer and arthritis and aids detoxing and blood cleansing.


Some of Amethyst’s powers include healing, psychism, peace, love, courage, happiness and protection.


When worn the Amethyst   protects against harm, sickness and danger.   Amethyst assists in enhancing mental powers and sharpens the mind.  As Amethyst is depicted as a stone of love, wearing a heart shaped one will strengthen a loving relationship.


Amethyst is also a powerful amulet for travelers so if your pet is a jet setter this stone is ideal.


Amethyst will assist in helping your pet focus and heal.  It is believed to be a spiritual stone and it encourages spiritual awareness. Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone.


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